Natalia Voiten

The start of the journey 

Aknat accounting company’s founder Natalia Voiten’s journey towards becoming a professional accountant began in January of the year 2015 in Vocational College Tredu, where she studied to get a diploma in business and administration. 

In autumn of the same year, she got her first job at working in the industry, even though her studies weren’t finished yet.

Working and studying at the same time was not hard for her and she graduated in 2016.

Passion and interest towards her career made the decision to continue her studies to a higher degree easy.

Experience in entrepreneurship

In the beginning of the year 2017, Natalia started her entrepreneurship journey and became a light entrepreneur.

In the year 2017, she also gained more knowledge about the industry with 3 month long education in accounting and calculation of salaries, in Adult Education Center of Tampere.

Higher degree

By the year 2018, Natalia had experience in working and training in three different accounting companies, what made her improve her skills even more. 

Because of that, she got to work in accounting for every company form there is ( proprietorship, limited company, partnership, limited partnership, cooperative association and agricultural operations) and mastered usage of thirteen different accounting programs. 

In autumn of the year 2018, she got in the University Of Applied Sciences in Vaasa and continued to work with her client base along her studies. 

Founding of the Aknat Accounting Company

In 2019, Natalia’s client base and workload grew so much, continuing light entrepreneurship was out of the question.

She founded her company in Tampere and continued studying along her sole proprietorship. Natalia enjoyed building her career and gained as much knowledge as she could, by taking courses in auditing in university of Vaasa.

Aknat Company now

In the end of the year 2021, Natalia has two degrees in economic studies and she has completed many high standard educational courses of the industry.

Many years of experience and responsible nature help to grow Aknat Company and provide professional accounting services already to many entrepreneurs in need of help and guidance. 

And although entrepreneurs who use Aknat Company’s services live in different areas of Finland and distance between, can be hundreds of kilometers, due to modern technology, our clients get the feeling that their accountant is near.

Aknat Company’s philosophy is based on reliability, mutual benefit and convenience of services. We will find individual solutions to client’s accounting, because with us it’s proficient, trustworthy and available for everyone.